Pro Shot Alpha XD Rotating Laser Level

The Pro Shot™ Alpha construction laser level tool is designed for concrete and general contractors, working on large commercial or municipal sites.  The Alpha laser is built amazingly tough to handle the real-world use and abuse that happens on sites with large crews. Electronic servo self levelling means you simply turn the laser on and it levels itself automatically. The Alpha also provides manual slope matching.





  • Horizontal Fully Automatic Self-Levelling – servo driven
  • Manual Grade/Slope Matching (Single Axis) – up to 8% in Y-axis, X-axis remains self-levelling. use the up & down arrows to easily set the laser to your desired grade in the Y-axis
  • 600 & 1200rpm selectable rotation speed – for machine control applications
  • Anti-Drift Height Alert Indicator – stops rotation if laser height is adjusted once set-up is complete. this feature can be turned on or off
  • Low battery indicator
  • Accuracy 1.5mm/30m
  • Fits flat or domed tripods
  • Fast one-button self levelling
  • Cross axis self-levelling with grade matching


  • Working Range: 610m+ diam (with receiver) Accuracy: ± 1.5mm at 30m
  • Levelling Type: Servo motor ± 5 degrees
  • Batteries: 4 x C cells
  • Operating Time: 100 hrs (Alkaline)
  • Rotation Speeds: 600rpm or 1200 rpm
  • Environmental: Water and dust proof, IP56
  • Operating Temp: -10° to 60°C
  • Slope Capability: Single axis manual slope matching up to 8%


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