WeedSeeker 2 Spot Spray System

WeedSeeker® 2 is the next generation spot spray system from Trimble Agriculture. Redesigned for superior weed killing, it delivers all-around improved performance to previous solutions.

Using advanced optics and processing power, the WeedSeeker system detects and eliminates resistant weeds. When a weed passes underneath the sensor it signals its linked spray nozzle to precisely deliver herbicide and kill the weed, reducing the amount of chemical applied by up to 90%.

Weed Seeker System Flyer




Building on more than 25 years of experience in the agriculture industry, the WeedSeeker® 2 system brings generational improvement to the spot spraying market. Growers now have a game changing solution to herbicide resistant weeds.

  • Intelligent sensor
  • Reduce herbicide usage by up to 90%
  • ISOBUS compatible
  • Unbeatable accuracy
  • Lightweight sensors and cabling
  • Universal mount for easy installation
  • Fewer sensors needed with expanded weed detection width
  • Weed mapping and section control
  • Automatic turn compensation


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